Going Green in the Cooler Months

Getting enough greens in your diet is always a challenge, and one of my favorite ways is green juicing. But in the cooler months, an iced green juice isn’t as enticing. Autumn is here and as the cool weather sets in in the coming months, I’d like to share a quick tip to keep up the greens.
Simply add warming herbs and greens such as ginger, mustard greens and parsley to your juices (or if you prefer – smoothies)!

Warming foods or cooling foods – what is all this about? Foods have been known to hold certain thermal properties. Chinese and East Indian cultures developed classification systems for the foods they ate. In the Chinese system, yang foods are warming and yin foods are cooling.

Incorporating more foods with higher thermal levels into the diet during the colder seasons can have a positive impact. Once again, nature looks after us here. Typically nature provides us with more warming foods in the cooler autumn to winter months, and more cooling foods in the warmer months of the year.

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